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We expect members to deal promptly and responsibly with complaints and we do not want that to change.The ODA will monitor trends in the market and has the Code and adjudicatory ability to take action if there seems to be widespread and serious problems affecting many or all users.And membership is open to entities based anywhere in the world if they are offering services to UK users.

Our Code of Practice and our advice for the public on the best and safe use of services was published in December 2013. It focuses on the core issues for users: the clarity and honesty of the services offered, the protection of user’s personal information, the proper operation of services and the advice and help we give users to make dating as enjoyable and safe as possible. The group has national and international providers as well as specialist/niche operators and others brands who wish to offer their customers a dating service through partnership and out-sourcing arrangements that can account for thousands of individual sites.

The founders were a diverse bunch serving different urban and rural communities as well as religious and ethnic communities.

The ODA is keen to grow further in order to maximise the coverage of the Code and the protections it offers and to strengthen our voice with Government and others.

The ODA has no wish to get in the way of member companies and their users.

It is enjoyed daily by millions and is the largest single source of new relationships.