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Everyone has at least a few snaps of themselves that they like, just find them. And if people don’t get back to your emails the answer is not becoming rude and start insulting them.And if you don’t yet have them, take a friend with you and go for a photo-shoot in the town or the park. It sounds perhaps rather harsh but online dating sites aren’t really places to go looking for compassion. Perhaps you’re already doing all the right things but it’s still not going your way.Maybe you’re not getting enough attention or you feel like you’re getting the wrong kind of attention.

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The best photos are those that are genuine, friendly, open and warm. Nobody likes clingy and needy people and nobody likes to be stalked and hounded.

The best photos aren’t usually posed, at least they don’t look like it. If you find someone you like you really shouldn’t start bombing them with emails and questions – that’s not being active, that’s being annoying.

Here are six common pitfalls for online daters – why things don’t quite work the way they should and how to fix them. I mean, even the big mainstream dating sites like e Harmony or Match, don’t necessarily cater to all tastes.

We’ve compared e Harmony and Match at a length in one of our earlier posts, so we’re not going to go into that here, but the bottom line is you have to make sure what the site offers for you and how exactly it operates.

You can’t expect to get first-rate attention if your profile is something that you quickly put together on your lunchbreak.