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Distributists seek the widespread distribution of the ownership of the means of production to any who desire such freedom.The most efficient means of accomplishing this is by defending and protecting the right to private ownership.

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The Church does not espouse an economic philosophy.

Rather, she proposes the principles which the faithful are invited to use in order to engage in the social mission.

Distributism supports freedom, cooperation and subsidiarity. A man I know owns the means of producing a livelihood for his family. He sells the work of his hands and supports his family in the process.

He is a Distributist, though I doubt he'd think of himself as one. So, how is this any different from the man who employs his talents working for a Fortune 500 company and supports his family in the process?

We understand that will entail differing viewpoints. Somewhere along the way, economics ceased being the activity by which mankind provides for its material needs and became a creature existing of its own right.