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It might sound odd, but the solution for one could now also provide the solution for the other.Radiofrequency treatments that deliver deep thermal heat into the skin to boost production of collagen, the protein that makes skin bouncy and youthful, have long been used to rejuvenate the face. The protein is found everywhere in the body — yes, even there — and according to cosmetic physician Dr Sabika Karim of the Revere Clinic, a radiofrequency treatment called Geneveve can have the same plumping and tightening effects on the most intimate parts of your body.

At that point I barely knew I still had a pelvic floor, let alone felt able to exercise it.

But her words returned to me a few days later, when I realised it was time to start those special exercises, called Kegels, which prevent stress incontinence and yes, increase sexual pleasure.

Interestingly, Geneveve not only appeals to women after childbirth, but is also popular with women during the menopause, when natural collagen production in the body dramatically decreases as part of the ageing process.

Although it’s only been introduced to the UK within the past year, the treatment is proving impressive following extensive trials in the U. The results showed significant improvement in sensation and satisfaction, and an increase in libido.‘A lot of women have told me about how the treatment has increased their general enjoyment of sex, as well as their husband’s,’ says Dr Karim, although she admits ‘it’s possible there’s a psychological element at play.’We all know that feeling satisfied with sex can lead to increased desire, which is why the treatment appeals to women in midlife, since post-childbirth and during the menopause is a time when, for various reasons, including lack of enjoyment, libido can take a hammering.

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