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Thank you to everyone for your interest and support of this project.

For the latest observations, click on ' Eagle Diary' below. We see the male and female swap incubating duty an average of 10 times during daylight hours.

A juvenile was photographed flying in the area as well.

Our team have been watching at other areas along the Parramatta River and our male as well as another bird has been seen in Burns Bay. We have not recorded any sighting of our female Sea-Eagle "Mum" since 21st February, when the pair were seen on their mangrove river roost on the Parramatta River.

Now there are two eggs, the eagles incubate almost constantly, with only brief breaks leaving the eggs uncovered. The male has brought several fish in this morning, which she has eaten on the nest or taken away. Already, we have seen the egg unattended overnight for some time. One or other of the eagles soared over several times - checking on what we were doing? The female brought in a massive branch, causing her to land with a crash. The male initially brought a large fish, still alive, to the nest tree.