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The Arizona Supreme Court has stated that “the concept that any person, lay or professional, may determine whether a court order is ‘void on its face’ and thus susceptible to being ignored as unconstitutional can find no justification in the law.” Similarly here, although a court may have erred by waiving statutorily required sex offender registration, DPS must respect such an order until the order is modified or vacated through appropriate judicial proceedings. 565, 568, 544 P.2d 1080, 1083 (1975) (“It is a settled principle of law that an order issued by a court with jurisdiction over the subject matter must be obeyed by the parties until that order is reversed by orderly and proper proceedings.”).

For the reasons discussed previously, when performing its record keeping responsibilities, DPS must respect any court order entered under A. Unless such an order is modified or vacated through appropriate judicial proceedings, DPS records should reflect entry of any such order under A.

The 1995 legislation did not evidence any legislative intent to require continued registration by persons who would not be required to register under the amended law.

Consistent with this purpose, the Legislature’s 1995 amendments focused the registration requirement on certain serious offenders or repeat offenders, with a particular emphasis on offenses involving children.

Sex offenders in California are required to re-register annually, filling out extensive paperwork on their activities and locations because there are rules prohibiting them from being close to schools, parks and other locations where children congregate.