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Orgasm is the result of sexual stimulation that is a combination of emotional, psychological and physical pleasure.

There are many reasons why women may not experience orgasm at any given time, but none that are directly related to having MRKH.

Thus, all women are encouraged to explore their sexuality with themselves and with their partner(s) to learn what feels both comfortable and pleasurable.

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Your partner will not be able to feel any difference.

If you have vaginal intercourse before your vagina is created using dilators or surgery, sex will likely be very painful. Creating a vagina with sex can be done but comes with risks and is usually very uncomfortable.

The choice to have treatment, how, when, etc., is UP TO YOU!

Like any other important decision, it’s essential that you get all the information before you make the decision to have treatment.

Remember, you can create a vagina AT ANY TIME or not at all and still feel complete!