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Here are a few more fraudulent forms: And this one is an almost good fake, it is a Military leave form, we have highlighted a few mistakes on the form: Here are some of the fake email addresses they tried to make look official: [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] are just a few examples of the scams going around using military members as the center.

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It is always some sort of story to make the victim feel pity for the fraudster.

They mainly target women that have no Military affiliation, or have never been around the Military, this way they know the women won’t pick up on their lies as fast.

Attached with this email is the Policy and Instructions for Leave Request,if you agree with the terms for his leave.

please print it out, endorse and send it back to us via email.” This is the form he sent: THIS IS A FAKE FORM NOT AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT Another document attached to the email, these are listed as instructions, again another fake form.

They will take any photo they come across that depicts a Military member, they are also taking photos of our Fallen Warriors as well.

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