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In 2002 Anna Nicole capitalized on the reality TV wave, staring in her own reality show, , which ran for a year.

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The cover hurled Anna Nicole into the fast world of modeling.

She quickly replaced supermodel Claudia Schiffer as a Guess Jeans model with a campaign that made both her a household name and brought a lot of attention to the brand.

“I tried to re-create the poses I saw in the magazine.” Six months passed—during which she thought that she had been rejected—and then one day she got an email from . She was flown to Santa Monica for a test shoot, and the result was her Playmate of the Month pictorial.

“Playboy was the only modeling job I’d ever applied for,” she said.

Anna Nicole embraced the comparison, telling that her ambition was to “be the new Marilyn Monroe.” Indeed, Anna Nicole was ambitious, as she famously moved beyond her rural hometown, adopted a more Hollywood-friendly moniker, engaged in controversial marriages, become a talked-about tabloid sensation, and ultimately died too soon, just like her idol.