who are rikki and vikki dating - Nicky hilton dating david katzenberg

In February (2012) Poppa Katzenberg and his long-time missus, Marilyn, sold their nearly 10,000 square foot faux-quoined mansion in the flats of Beverly Hills—listing details generously called it a “Contemporary Mediterranean”—in February for $9,283,500 million.

In August the Katzenbergs put their luxurious, 14,100 square foot faux-rustic ski-in/ski-out chalet at the Bald Eagle Club in Deer Park, UT, on the market for $20,500,000.

Despite the split “they remain close friends, they have been friends since they were teenagers.” Nicky Hilton, 27, and David Katzenberg, 28, tweet each other regularly and still keep in touch on the phone, according to the sources.

It seems like Nicky has the same luck in love as her sister, Paris.

Nicky Hilton was in a happy, satisfying relationship until recently, when it was reported that she broke-up with longtime boyfriend David Katzenberg.