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Taken together all these flawed RTM counter-notices and appeal actions at some stage must be considered as amounting to obstruction of what was intended by Parliament and an abuse of the legal process.

The life of a leasehold tenant would be a lot fairer if a small set of obstructive landlords and their legal representatives were stopped from doing this. Why can it not be that if a freeholder objects to a Right to Manage, they state their objections in writing to the RTM company giving the company 28 days to respond to the objections and re-serve the RTM notice.

This “song” might give you a broad view of the scene in Hollywood as it relates to the Sunset Strip’s foremost male groupie.)(For some reason, the G. and also has a couple of other things going for him.)(Cynthia and Miss Pamela find that they have a “fave rave” in common, and proceed to compare notes on their relationship with him. — Frank Zappa Special thanks to: Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada, Ian Underwood and Craig Doerge who also played on Eureka Springs Garbage Lady, Ooo Ooo Man, Shock Treatment, and Captain’s Fat Teresa Shoes.

Some semantic difficulties toward the end of the conversation provide a convenient transition to the next piece of material.) The G. O.’s write all their own lyrics & no subject matter covered by these lyrics was suggested by any outside source.

The name has no relation to the Pontiac GTO muscle car, even though the vehicle was popular in the United States during the same period.

The members were connected by their association with Zappa, who encouraged their artistic endeavors despite their limited vocal skills.

Judith Peters had emigrated from the Haight Ashbury hippie scene to LA due to "boredom", alleging she "couldn't be a hippie forever." Cynthia Wells was brought into the group by Judith after the nucleus of the group had already been formed.

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