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Even so, according to the NHC, Sandy was still only the second-largest Atlantic tropical cyclone on record.

Hurricane Olga, another late-in-the-year storm, set the record in 2001, with tropical-force winds extending 600 miles (965 km). When hurricane hunter aircraft measured its central pressure at 940 millibars — 27.76 inches — Monday afternoon (Oct.

That particular blast injured about 1,500 people, and damaged over 7,000 buildings, and experts now say 2012 TC4 is 'something to keep an eye on.' On October 12, the 2012 TC4 asteroid will be just 4,200 miles (6,800 kilometers) from Earth for the first time since it went out of range in 2012.

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As it starts to approach Earth in the coming months, large telescopes will be used to detect it and establish the asteroid's precise trajectory.

The new observations are expected to help refine knowledge about its orbit, narrowing the uncertainty about how far it will be from Earth at its closest approach in October.

A large tanker ship ran aground on the city's Staten Island. 1, about 4.7 million people in 15 states were without electricity, down from nearly 8.5 million a day earlier.

Subway tunnels in Lower Manhattan remained flooded, but some lines had resumed service.

He gave brief non-political remarks and spent less than an hour collecting hurricane relief donations and loading them into a truck. 31, using a Florida campaign stop to criticize the president's record.

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