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First, a sensible beginning for human history and coincidently the beginning of cosmic time itself must be sought.

If you were to pick up any ‘authoritative’ work of history or archaeology these days, be it The Times Complete History of the World, Barry Cuncliffe’s Europe Between the Oceans or J. Roberts’ History of the World, you would be told that history began long, long ago in the pre-human past.

Knowing that mud does tend to stick to scholars once thrown – and those throwing the most of it (just after Nanni’s death) were actually secular humanists with large axes to grind, it became necessary to personally examine Lynche’s chronology with a fine tooth-comb. I will leave the reader to make up their own mind about how well these questions have been answered.

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Giovanni Nanni and had access to written records of human history back to the time of Adam.

The chain of textual transmission had been Adam, Noah, Nimrod, Berosus, Turkish monks etc.

Our approach at derivation probably isn’t the last word on the subject, but it did involve consulting dozens of experts and carefully weighing their arguments against numerous Scriptural references (using ‘direct equivalence’ in Hebrew translation) – so I shall try to limit an answer to just one sentence!

The date 4266BC was obtained through a synthesis of authorities; concluding a superiority of the Masoretic text over the Septuagint (Jones, 2005 contra Setterfield, 1999); no gaps in the family lists of Genesis 5 and 11 (Niessen, 1982 contra Robinson, 1999); a long period of 430 years for Israel in Egypt, the next logical step was to examine other reliable sources and carefully seek out any obvious synchronisms.

Today, however, this account is widely considered totally spurious and Luther is believed to have been mistaken concerning its overall authenticity.