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GEOLOGIC SETTING OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND Rhode Island lies along the western side of the Southeastern New England plat- form, a structural block that is in general the same as the Boston platform (Zart- man and Nay lor, in press) , which a larger scale correlates with the Avalon provinc of Canada (Rast and others, 1976; Williams, 1978) .

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NEIGC and the hosts of these online guidebooks are not responsible for the use or misuse of the guidebooks. These folds generally trend and plunge to the north along the Rhode Island-Connec- ticut border but trend westward farther south in southeastern Connecticut.

I GUIDEBOOK TO GEOLOGIC FIELD STUDIES IN RHODE ISLAND AND ADJACENT AREAS The 73rd Annual Meeting of the New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference October 16-18, 1981 Edited by Jon C. Don Hermes University of Rhode Island Sponsored by Department of Geology University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island 02881-0801 Copies of this guidebook may be obtained for $10.00 each (U. dollars) by sending prepaid requests to the editors. Don, University of Rhode Island Lee, Virginia, University of Rhode Island Lyons, P. The late Proterozoic intrusives generally are much less deformed to the east where they commonly are not foliated, except in local areas where closely spaced shear zones are abundant.

Please respect any trip stops designated as "no hammers", "no collecting" or the like. They contain xenoliths and large pen- dants of metasedimentary and metavolcanic rock.

Consider possible hazards and use appropriate caution and safety equipment. The western edge of the batholith is strongly foliated and syntectonically deformed into a series of large folds.

This contrasts with the diversity of the twenty- two trips being run in 1981, which include emphasis on a variety of geologic problems that range from surficial to bedrock studies. The Nashoba thrust belt northwest of the platform forms a major structural discontinuity.