Ms access application screenupdating

Full Name & ";" & _ "Extended Properties=Excel 12.0;" rs Conn. Full Name & ";" & _ "Extended Properties=Excel 12.0;" rs Conn. You can still run this from Excel using automation.

I would probably "pull from Access" rather than "push from Excel".

Hi All, I have an Excel workbook that contains 30 tabs with the Userface as shown in the photo. Do the users save their workbooks on their local machines or a network location? Are there multiple workbooks per user when you go to compile the data for your stats? Tooltip Text = "Print the currently displayed Vehicle" . On Action = "Print_It" End With Set ctrl = new Menu.

The data from each tab is compiled in the Data tab as shown in the photo as well. PNG mrwowery, Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster! Any other data you can provide on the process would be most helpful in making suggestions.

Kriebel '*** Place this code in the This Workbook Module Private Sub Workbook_Before Close(Cancel As Boolean) Dim b Disp Msg As Boolean Dim b Excel Ver10Plus As Boolean b Disp Msg = False With Application b Excel Ver10Plus = IIf(Val(Application. ", vb OKOnly vb Critical, _ "Error: Improper Attempt to Exit System" Cancel = True End If End With End Sub 'Workbook_Before Close(Cancel As Boolean)Option Explicit Public frm Car Menu As uf Car Menu ' ------------------------- ---------- '-------------------------| Auto_Open() |-------------| 08/25/10 | ' ------------------------- ---------- Sub Auto_Open() Application.

Version) 9, True, False) If b Excel Ver10Plus And . Screen Updating = False Application Menu Sheets("Avalon"). Version) 11 Then Send Keys "%(x)", True End Sub 'Auto_Open() ' ------------------------- ---------- '-------------------------| Application Menu |-------------| 02/18/16 | ' ------------------------- ---------- 'Called by: Auto_Open Sub Application Menu() Dim my Menu Bar As Object Dim new Menu As Object Dim ctrl As Object Dim o Wk Bk As Workbook Kill Application Menu "Vehicles Menu" 'Deletes menu bar if it exists before recreating Set o Wk Bk = Active Workbook Set my Menu Bar = _ Command Bars. Add(Type:=mso Control Popup, temporary:=True) new Menu.

On Action = "Exit Quit" End With Set ctrl = new Menu.