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I would never have predicted that I would end up preferring women to make the first move. In my dating life I’d estimate initiative has been shared relatively evenly between myself and the other person.I’m not hesitant to approach someone I like, but I’m also not someone who is supremely confident talking to women.

But preferring to wait and let someone do the hard work to initiate contact?

That contradicts what I have been told my entire life about women being “attracted to confidence”, and “people respond well to someone who is respectful but assertive”.

The fact I was 35 years old and still in the dating scene is a clear sign that wasn’t working out for me.

Through Bumble I met a different sort of person, on terms that weren’t those I was used to. It’s led to freer conversations, more enjoyable dates, and led me to meet people I wouldn’t normally have met. Bumble started as an app to connect people with future significant others, but Bumble is no longer only a dating app.

: If Guided Communication doesn’t appeal to you, you can request your match communicates via e Harmony Mail with you.