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C., Simpson Park which is owned by Keith & District Sports Trust is where Islavale F. Standing over 6m high, Sueno’s Stone is Scotland’s tallest surviving cross-slab and is one of the most richly carved examples of Pictish art in Scotland.

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The first Keith Golf Club (now defunct) was founded in 1901.

WW2 saw the demise of the club and the course reverted to farmland.

The language spoken indigenously round Keith is Doric, which superseded Scottish Gaelic (see language section at Moray).

The town is home of psych/folk/country band, The Carousels, whose track 'Marianne' was used on an advertising campaign for Irn-Bru.

The name, Sueno’s Stone, was invented in the 18th century when the stone was discovered buried in the ground. Only the stone itself and its location can give any hint of why and when it was created and on whose orders.