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-If the person is a female, is she using sexy (e.g.swimsuit, lingerie, unbuttoned top, provocative photos etc.) photos of a young woman (under 30 years old), or does she quickly send this type of photos to you?Most of these add-ons allow you to simply right-click a photo for a photo search menu.

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Scammers do not use photos of themselves, and they typically look nothing like the person in the photos they are using.

Scammers playing females:-When playing a female character, a scammer will typically use photos of someone very young and highly attractive.

-They will choose a source where they can copy multiple photos (and sometimes video) of the same woman, including "sexy" (e.g. -The most common sources of photos for scammers playing females are modeling sites like (which provides plenty of swimsuit photos) and porn sites.

-Scammers playing female characters will rarely re-use photos provided by scam victims.

While not every scammer is the same, most often they will claim:non-smokernon-drinker or occasional drinker onlyreligious or "God-fearing"single (widower or divorced) father.