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I nodded agreement and said, "Promise me you'll stay here until I return. So I moved on and found a dark haired beauty standing in front of the ice machine in a sexy blue silk kimono reaching mid thigh. I have no idea who I'd be if our paths never crossed. We've grown complacent and we take each other for granted. I never want to feel apathy about making love to you again." I stated emphatically. "Yes, we're risking, but I think it's time we did, before we forget how. She smiled back, "Alright Chance." She looked between her legs, "but you made a mess of me. " "Go to Caleb like that." I gazed at her challengingly.

She rose slowly on her toes, bunching her calves into tight knots and slowly relaxing them on the way down. She turned at my approach and gasped, her mouth opened in joyful surprise. I crushed her warm flesh to me, my lips pressed hers and I probed her minty mouth. She pulled me to her and we fiercely clasped, desperately kissing each other as if forced apart for months. I changed in the bathroom and modeled the kimono for him while he raped me with his eyes." She laid her head on my shoulder and her warm lips lightly brushed my neck. " "I felt like a virgin schoolgirl – I was shaking like a leaf. I thought of you and everything and it was too much, all the confusing emotions. I told him I needed ice." She slowly rolled her hips forward and back while I teased her with my fingers. "Mmmmm, Right now I'll do anything for you." She purred, as her undulations got more insistent. We are inextricably entwined and nothing will take you from me, not even you. She searched my face and said, "Well it worked; do we have to go through with it? She blushed furiously and whispered through gritted teeth. " I nodded, "Yes, show him you want it." I rasped as her eyes smoldered with swirling emotions.

She flattered the dress with full breasts, slender waist flaring nicely to womanly hips.

"We shouldn't force the issue." She glared out from her cold stony face. I imagined it would be painful to say, but none of it showed on her face.

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