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Strangers on the Internet are able to see a live stream of any of the day care's 16 cameras.The type of cameras involved are known as Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.

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Since those with a criminal past aren't prohibited from buying a property in an HOA, they can't be shut out from renting.

Petersen didn't seem to understand the potential fallout from his bill.

A man in Mesa believes a new law jeopardizes the safety and security of hundreds of communities across the state.

"This is a catastrophic disaster for (homeowners' associations)," said Dave Russell, the community manager for Circle Tree Condominiums in Mesa.

The law doesn't take effect until September, but homeowners have already started breaking the crime-free agreements and renting to those previously not allowed, like Daniel Thresher, a registered sex offender who just moved into a designated crime-free property in Mesa.