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Keep your camera ready for amazing panoramic views as you board the Rainforest Aerial Tram for an unforgettable ride through the pristine rainforest canopy.Similar to a gondola system, the rainforest tram allows you to observe tropical wildlife such as monkeys, birds, colorful insects, the occasional shy sloth and other extraordinary rainforest inhabitants from the unhurried comfort of our open tram cars as you descend the mountain to the riverbank below Most animals live in the upper rainforest canopy where they feed on fruits and seeds that grow where the sunlight reaches-- and from the aerial tram you can see some of this wildlife.Jorge Rueda, spokesman for the Rahab Foundation, said that the rental ad went up on July 30 to mark World Day against Trafficking in Persons but was taken down by the company briefly between Monday and Tuesday.

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“If there weren’t any clients, there wouldn’t be this kind of crime,” Rueda said.

Many of those involved in sex trafficking are from other Central American and Caribbean countries, like Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, according to a 2014 U. State Department report on human trafficking in Costa Rica.

The same report called child sex trafficking a “serious problem” in Costa Rica.