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Or I'm just spoiled on Sluggy's faster-paced storytelling.Either way, this is definitely worth a read-through. CTRL ALT DEL ( first comic ) - This could be a bit much for some prudes. Loosely based on video game commentary, it also delves into relationships, robots, and insanity.Featuring evil mutant Santas, mad scientists, alternate dimensions, killer bunnies, love interests and sugar-high ferrets.

Beat the end boss at the end of the internet already (boy, wasn't he tough! Want some ideas and fresh online activities to enjoy? Too many of us are locked away in cubicles, tethered behind desks... Beyond Bikes Store (San Diego, CA USA) - Take a peek inside this bicycle shop!

our computer screens are our only Windows and the view is often quite boring. My goal is to introduce you to at least a few good time wasters you didn't know about. When it's open, you can watch bikes being assembled, or spy on customers. I've been there recently and have seen the interesting folk there. Congratulations, you're likely peering into the other side of the world where it's still night (Such as this garden from Yamada Farm, Hiroshima).

Some are conveniently named, but quite often they are unhelpfully termed "Camera 1" or nothing at all.

Zooming in on billboards or business signs will usually give you something to Google.

This is a method of what is known as 'Google Hacking.' It's not exactly hacking in the strictest sense, but it shows you many otherwise hidden back doors... The one we'll have fun playing with first today finds live Cannon Webcams all over the world.