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Chamelia (Jamaica) Report N48 (added on August, 26, 2014) I was contacted on Skype by General Terry Clark.He claimed to be based in Afghanistan and had been there for a year.

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He asked for a galaxy 5 phone but said because it would take to long if I shipped it to send Mr Lord the money I never sent it he said its OK he loved me not the phone then he needed me to send money for school books for danny his son.

He wanted me to open a account at a Credit Union so he could transfer money from his account so I could send it to Mr Lord because Danny's paper work was messed up and he couldn't leave Ghana . I am stringing him on in hopes of finding a way to catch him .

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He did not receive any money from me and I stopped contact with him. And to Anorpansuo Matine in Ghana through moneygram twice total $155 for airfare. Now wanting $100 today or will post my pics on fb & youtube.