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And we’ll leave the stereotyping of the Asian male organ right out of it. And where male dominance in the bedroom can lead to selfish lovers, it can also lead to submissive female partners. I’m basing this off my own experiences in the country and the experiences of friends who have shared just a little too much over beers.

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I’ve seen everything from lube to vibrators to dirty hair brushes to stripper poles in these rooms. Collectible cards showing bare breasts and phone numbers to call for a good time litter suburban streets like some deviant has hosted a ticker tape parade.

It’s a land where pretty Korean girls hanging out in smoky foreigner bars who come home with you to ‘sleep together’ may mean that in the most literal sense of the phrase.

I’ve heard precious few tales of wild sexual abandon being displayed in the bedroom from my friends who have dipped their toes into the local talent pool.

Obviously pornography is not an accurate portrayal of how the average person is making their love, but I think you can learn a bit about the overarching cultural perception of sex by watching a little of their X-Rated film.

Korean pornography, by and large, follows the Japanese tradition of male dominance and female submission or embarrassment. Just pitifully quiet grunting to match each of the man’s fevered thrusts.