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"I've got a Benetton heart and a f---in David Duke cock.

I'm going to start dating separately from my d--k." Despite all this, Mayer insists, "I've never been a bad boy.

' Calling himself 'a Mack Truck without brakes,' he conceded: 'My GPS was shattered, just shattered' and referred to his motormouth as 'an induced coma' for his career.

To hear him tell it, he'd tired by that point of being a tabloid sensation, whereupon 'What I did was probably semiconsciously just reboot it - control, alt, delete.'These days, the Still Feel Like Her Man music video will include such touches as geisha attire and panda suits, but John hopes to be 'sensitive' culturally.'Part of cultural appropriation is blindness.

John Mayer, you are just too open minded," tweeted neopoliandreams.

After weeks of speculation, John Mayer's confirmed his song Still Feel Like Your Man is in fact about his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry.

Related: Katy Perry acknowledges her history of cultural appropriation: 'I've made several mistakes'Luckily for Katy, something appeared to jog Diplo's memory and he decided to spin the story, taking whatever victory he could from it.