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Our top priority is providing you with a focused experience based on who you are and what you want so you can focus only on the most suitable matches.

Though it boasted superior graphical capabilities than its predecessor, the Game Boy Color (with a display similar to the quality of a Super Nintendo), the GBA’s numerous problems were a huge and overshadowing disappointment.

The screen was susceptible to glare and lacked backlighting, making certain games such as the notorious Castlevania: Circle of the Moon almost unplayable.

About Saw You At Sinai Saw You At Sinai was created in December 2003 to satisfy the need for a more private and personalized approach to online Jewish dating.

This Rabbinic-endorsed site uniquely combines the power of technology, the accessibility of the internet, and the personal touch of a matchmaker to serve its 30,000 members.

Jewish is a comfortable, relaxed virtual Cafe where Jewish singles meet interesting and interested people in a flourishing Jewish singles community. Create your free trial profile to begin your Jewish dating experience on Jewish