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Benny Chan & Charmaine Sheh in The Voyage of Emperor Qian Long to Jiang Nan Julian Cheung & Charmaine Sheh in Point of No Return Julian Cheung & Ruby Lin in Flying Daggers Wallace Huo & Penny Lin in 100% Senorita i totally agree with you on that! it's funny, but i still like love undercover better! rumors say they both comforted each other during those times, which lead to their falling for each other. ) But anyways i love those two i hope everything turns out okey for them!

they also have another movie together--it's called drink drank drunk. They are actually singers, i believe they are called ASOS. Other that Meteor Garden and MARS she was also in The Chinese Ghost Story. But while they were shooting mars, both of their relationships were on the rocks and it also both ended to a break up.

Although he meets HING (Chiu Ngar Chi), a woman who truly understands him, he can not easily marry her…CHI (JULIAN CHEUNG CHI LAM) ignore his mother YUNG (LUI SHAN)’s objection, insists to fall in love with a poor girl, HEI (CHARMAINE SHEH).

Then, CHI has to take up the shipping business from his father; can he overcome the difficulties occurred in his family and work?

BONG (ADAM CHENG) and his brother LAP (GALLEN LO) joined the police force.