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Another pitfall of JDate is the dirty truth that not all users are "nice Jewish girls and boys." First of all, just because someone is on JDate does not mean they are necessarily Jewish. Your pictures are really cute and your fake age is easily believable. JDate seems like a panacea to some and, for some, it works well. If there were a pool of feminist Jewish men on a website, now that's a dating site that seems more promising to me. People sort into the partners they want--perhaps it's better for both of you to have a strong signal--if the signal is that strong (e.g.

But just like any other dating site, JDate has its fair share of weirdos and perverts, which speaks to a point I made earlier about the misconception that all Jews are good or trustworthy. it is part of one's identity), then no sense in finding out later.

B'vracha, Elana For what it's worth, I fully support my wife's career--I do everything I can to help make her successful in her line of work as she does mine (we are both academicians).

However, if she said "I am a feminist" on the first date, or when we were just meeting, I would assume she was not a feminist like I am, believing in equal rights for women, and equality in the household, but instead a rabble-rousing, man-hating, unable-to-talk-about-anything-else political type of feminist.

(Even fairytales have trolls.) I'm not saying everyone on JDate is a creep, but it would be foolish to assume that JDate would be safer or more wholesome than any other dating site. As your mother, grandmother, aunts, and dental hygenists have told you, there are quite a few success stories. More importantly, it's very easy to infer signals through email and/or messaging that were not necessarily intended. I bet your grandma prefers talking on the phone, and in this case, she's right. That's exactly what my brother warns me whenever we discuss dating.