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After Bakir fell to the ground, Sayid then stated that he wished to work for Ben.

Growing up my mother liked throwing parties, so there was always music playing at our shack in Delareyville, North West. At school I was always involved with any event music related like concerts; I was also part of the school band.

Bakir suddenly left, and Ben followed closely behind, eventually losing Bakir to the crowd of people.

However, Bakir had doubled back, and held Ben at gunpoint, forcing him into a dark alley, where he began to question Ben. Suddenly, Sayid appeared and shot Bakir multiple times until the ammunition ran out of his gun.

Some would contend that this is the kind of disagreement that never will be settled. Both volumes claim inspiration, but obviously both cannot be inspired.

The difference of “Isaac versus Ishmael” is just one of hundreds of discrepancies between the Bible and the Koran.

Here is one example: In relating the events of the exodus and the wilderness wandering, the Koran says, “They disbelieved the signs of God, and slew the Prophets unjustly” (cf.