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We can only imagine the shenanigans that Texan Chace Crawford and Hammersmith-born Brit actor Ed Westwick, both stars of Gossip Girl, used to get up to when they shared an apartment in New York.Crawford jokes: "I even gave him some good tips on how to pick up British girls!Even if it's playing pool, darts, or something simple like that, board games or cards. Playing golf I don't get into real fights, but even with your friend you can kind of put it on hold and get serious, I've got into a couple of discrepancies on the golf course, we are playing for 20 bucks or something and something happens and there is a discrepancy, I'll stand my own about it, I want to win."This adds to the growing sense that Crawford likes nothing more than being one of the guys.

No one need tell Crawford how difficult the move from television to silver screen will be.

In 2010, the Dallas-born star played drug dealer White Mike in Joel Schumacher's Twelve.

So once the camera rolls for the last time on the TV show, the actor will move his belongings from his New York apartment to Hollywood. Gossip Girl has been break and has definitely opened a ton of doors.

This way I don't have to fly back and forth, logistically its easier to do it this way and it's where the business is."With so much riding on his move into the multiplex it's perhaps no surprise that Crawford has seemingly taken the safe option of doing a romantic comedy.

Things soon start to go awry once I mention the darkest moment from the actor's nascent career.