Is audrina patridge dating justin bobby 2016 Online chat lisbean xxx

When asked about Patridge's divorce, Brescia told E!News: "My first reaction is the thought of the child, obviously," he said.

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Is audrina patridge dating justin bobby 2016

The MTV reality show The Hills: It’s basically, like, The Hills of our generation.

All of the drama, fights, LC, Audrina, Heidi, “You know what you did! Did you ever wonder what happened after it all ended in 2010? LC ventured into fashion; Heidi ventured into Santa Barbara; Audrina ventured into this outfit.

Now, Justin isn't dating either girl, but he runs a hair care business with salons in Manhattan Beach, CA, NYC, and Nicaragua as well as a hair care line called Brush Your Hair.

And then there's his music career — Justin has been hitting the road with his band, Bobby Rock.

The two celebrated their news with an intimate engagement celebration at ROKU, which Speidi attended. Justin's last name is Brescia, and since leaving the show, he's opened a few hair salons named Brush Your Hair and started a line of the same name.