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Circumstances get stranger as two of the men leave to check if the neighbors lost phone reception too, instead they discover a box on the front porch left for them.

The six friends realize that every house in the neighborhood is identical to theirs (as are its inhabitants.) Soon the once average evening turns into a nightmare of paranoia and confusion, and the friends are pitted against each other (and themselves) in a desperate fight to survive.

Coherence is a rare cerebral science fiction film that does not use special effects or massive production values to remain interesting.

Kontroll follows a dystopian future where the mostly subterranean population rides on rickety subways controlled by insane ticket takers that insist people always buy tickets, but likewise admit they hardly ever check to see if travelers have one.

The movie is an impressive feat considering how effortlessly it juggles comedy, horror, and just plain weirdness into a truly singular vision from then first-time director Nimrod Antal.

Nonetheless, Twelve Monkeys manages to pack a lot of ideas and themes into its two hours.