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Wairarapa We are a small family business dedicated to the production of handcrafted wines, focus on a very small range of wines in which we strive to achieve excellence.Our vineyard and winery are located in Te Muna Rd, Martinborough.

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This with Martinborough’s great climate, high winds, low rainfall, intimidating spring frosts and long dry warm Autumns, combine to produce accountant-shakingly low volumes of high quality fruit. The vineyard is mostly planted in Pinot Noir with a mixture of Dijon clones. This gives us 12 acres of Pinot Noir and 1 acre of Riesling.

Wine Making Our aim is to produce complex multi-layered wines that reflect both old world grape varieties and the new world soils and conditions that it was grown in.

We are genuinely concerned for our environment and our vineyard practices are designed to have minimum impact on our environment whilst also ensuring the sustainability of our crops.

For the last few years we have been working toward Organic Management and will be fully certified organic from the 2013 vintage.

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