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However, I also understand where Texsantcles is coming from and why he ask the question... I meant that I hope to encounter someone and be intimate someday.

POF and the BIG FISH should redefine Intimate Encounters because it's impossible to be in a true friendship without being classified as being intimate.... Today many of the steps are skipped, out of order, or mean something entirely different from what I think they mean. I hate cheaters too and I think married is the only block I have on my email but the separated people get through.

Amy fell for Coach Greene like Juliet on estrogen, telling him all about her own life, including details about her friends.

Their intimacy, while never physical, was so emotionally fraught that Amy's interest in boys her own age evaporated (to this day, she dates much older men).

It called to mind Broadway megastar Dame Edna's comment about her (fictional) late husband Norm: "Oh, the years I spent with that man's prostate hanging over my head." Boris, it seemed, whipped out his, uh, issues every chance he got. To help you avoid falling for an emotional tramp -- or, worse, acting like Boris yourself -- I'll give you the same advice I gave Cecily.