Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

PGNPUpdate: fixed bug that resulted in inability to update product from some recent releases. Fixes for better compatibility and stability when working with SQL Server 2016.

Redshift: added support for the AWS Signature Version 4.

Added code to handle "dual" table (requirement from Enterprise DB).

insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing-61

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Fixed bug "Failed to parse" for query containing TIMESTAMP 'Str' AT TIME ZONE 'Str'. Fixed exception/crash when connection is configured in Excel. Optimized metadata loading when table with the same name exists in multiple schema. Fixed memory leak when querying Redshift and cursors enabled.

Fixed bug "timestamptz was not converted to local time zone". Stability and performance improvement for bulk load. Fixed side effect from prev change resulting in "undefined table" when querying schema.table.

Fixed bug in TRIM function handling resulting in syntax error.

Added connection string parameter REFRESH_META, and the "auto-refresh" feature for the internal metadata cache.

Fixed bug in the Two Phase Commit protocol (2PC) implementation: in some scenarios transaction was not committed, and connection to database was not closed at the end of transaction. Profiler: added code to log Extended Properties in comments.