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Feel free to contact me at herekittykat2 @ with the following: 1. What you would like the program, tool, or organization to do or be I will do my best to find what you are looking for!Blind Mice Mart's Movie Vault you tired of asking your friends to describe scenes when you get together to watch a movie? Check out Blind Mice Mart's movie vault for thousands of recorded DVS movies in mp3 format!

Go to the Blind Mice Mart website at go down to the heading that says “Blind Mice Movie Vault,” click on that, and you'll go to the movie vault page in a seperate window.

It is seperated into headings that are easily navigated by screenreader users.

Cost: $100 for the 3 Blind Dates and will be billed once you receive your second date. The Date Doctor reserves the right to decline any client based on her discretion.

If any rules are broken in the process you will be removed from 3 Blind Dates and no refunds will be offered.

There are times when it can take several weeks or even a few months to find your 3 dates.