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So just as Facebook has a ‘like’ button where you don’t need to say anything, these platforms provide a variety of modest cues which you can use to signify some kind of attraction without having to really commit yourself.” For many people, this makes online dating a more attractive option, providing the ability to put a whole variety of feelers out while making the process far less daunting than in real life.

25 year old Katie has been on a series of dates with men she first met online.

“It can be hard to meet people when you’re busy,” she explains.

“So rather than putting all your efforts into having a night out and hoping you might meet someone, there’s a lot more certainty to it.

You look through different profiles and you can send out as many requests as you like.

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    It allows you to create a fully functioning and modern dating/social website.

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    Now of course, we have all seen LOTS of ugly men with beautiful women and vice versa and who is to judge what is ugly and what is beautiful? Anyway it does not matter if you are ugly or not because this dating site likes to focus on a persons inner beauty instead of what they look like.

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