Incest dating sites

Shortly before I was hired, the owner was sued, because while all the senior positions went to men, the rest of the staff was made up of extremely attractive women. I’m a brunette who’s over 25, and I’m not “curvy,” just one big curve.

I’m slowly being introduced to our clients, and the first time I met one, he said, "Oh, you must be one of the hires! Only after another client said it did I realize he was referring to my boss's legal troubles.

I feel we should continue being discreet for the rest of our lives and blow off their questions.

It's nobody's business, and I fear they would find our relationship shocking and disgusting.

He said that while incest is generally illegal in most jurisdictions, the laws tend to be enforced in a way that would protect minors, prevent sexual abuse, and address imbalances of power.