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She works at the vet college in the shipping department, and I remember her taking us to the college to learn about horse parasites. We were around for about six years, and we definitely had fans in Chicago, who were mostly other musicians who played in bands that we were fans of. We started out practicing in this basement at a place called the Creative Resistance Artist Collective and playing places like the A-Zone (Autonomous Zone), which was an anarchist space with a zine library, to playing clubs and more traditional venues. I didn’t book the shows so I don’t know who the original contact was. Dude that “best show you ever saw” shit is impossible. I remember CF hanging from the rafters of the Che Cafe in San Diego. Lale Westvind, Thomas Toye and Laura Perez Harris were all living in New York (Lale’s since moved to Philly) and they started a band.

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It’s a very delicate balance, and she never fails (no pressure there).

Anyhow, I’m always amazed at how much she has to say, and doesn’t mind us listening, about her seemingly omnivorous set of interests. Her thick-thin strokes dance on the page and her characters are always-recognizable graphic icons.

Momi began sending revealing photos of herself, offering to be a "part-time girlfriend" in exchange for money.

Jimmy, who has not met any of his We Chat contacts, agreed and arranged to meet Momi. Instead, the Singaporean received a call from Momi's "friend", who asked him to buy an i Tunes card as payment for Momi's sexual services.

Jimmy had become a victim of an online credit-for-sex scam and had no choice but to report the case to the police.