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If there is no Wi-Fi adapter indicated in Windows Settings, in the Device Manager or in the Control Panel, you may not have a Wi-Fi adapter, or it may be physically defective and need repair.Look at the taskbar at the bottom of the Windows 8.1 desktop.Deep cycle batteries are designed for (as the name implies) deep cycling: draining the battery significantly.

i turned off my laptop when it was updating-13

If this doesn't fix the problem, run the troubleshooter again.

If Windows is unable to correct the problem or provide you with instructions for doing so, you should take the computer in for repair.

If your PC doesn't seem to have Wi-Fi, chances are that the adapter is malfunctioning or that it's been turned off.

In most cases, you can fix a problematic Wi-Fi adapter yourself without having to open the case.

This amount of power is ideal for maybe some DC lights and charging cell phones. The inverter would whine and the adapter on my laptop would begin to buzz. *Note* The third picture to this step is a quickly drawn schematic of how everythig in this system currently works.

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