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First I went to the Association of American Publishers’ Children’s Author event. Hoover’s new title, is the first of a steampunk trilogy about the Septemberist Society, a secret society of monster hunters.In one hour I spoke with 14 authors in 3-minute increments about their upcoming releases. Gratz is encouraging fans of the series to share their creative responses by submitting them to

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Highlights included Ryan Graudin’s follows a protagonist with dissociative identity disorder, as he goes on a journey of discovery and healing.

Friesen said that mental health issues are the last stigma to be addressed in writing, and he hopes his books will provide a space for readers who can relate.

Nathan Hale has a series of graphic novels about American history, and the latest, focuses on World War I.

Obviously there is a lot of interesting literature coming out this year, and I hope you were lucky enough to get some great ARCs to take home and share with friends, family, and patrons.

Just make sure you only go if you actually like reading.