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Be warned, if you are a premium member you will come across a fair bit of nudity and intimacy within the game.

Free players begin their new virtual life in the only place they will probably ever see, the hotel lobby.

If partying is your purpose, drinking is your skill and grinding against the opposite sex your mastery, head on over to the night club or pub. Play frisby in the park, grab a hotdog, play some games and wrap it up with a movie.

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Your penthouse has everything you would expect, living areas, a bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe etc.

Other premium players can be invited back to your penthouse for a party, crazy orgy or something more intimate and meaningful.

This allows for maximum privacy and allows players to set up the perfect event without intrusion.

Your yacht comes decked with a jacuzzi, living room, private bedroom, a lifeguard and captain.

3DChat is a free online virtual world where people from all over the globe can truly be themselves, virtually.

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