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In the following excerpt, she describes what it’s like being the only Desi person in a majority-white office. It is absolutely 1,000 percent tougher being a person of color in a corporate environment.

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She should make sure she meets his family, relatives, and friends in Pakistan.

She should ask him if he is already married or if his family has arranged a marriage for him to take place in the future. It’s equally important that she safeguards her assets.

For instance, she should keep her funds separate from his or have a prenuptial agreement. I’m not saying that every Pakistani man is as I described above.

Most importantly, she should act using intellect and not emotions. However, there are many who have done all that I have mentioned.

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    "You can't close yourself off from love," she said.

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    No, we don't want to join the beer belly contest at the local watering hole or sign up for speed dating but we can realize that there are others out there like us who prefer the quieter things in life. We love email where we can control access and pace. And we have the time we need to think things over before taking the next step. Taking a closer look at the things people really have in common will reveal that introverts can pair up with either introverts or extroverts depending on other criteria more important than their social styles.

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    First dates are about exchanging lots of different types of information: Does he make you laugh? Is he respectful toward other people around you, and valets and restaurant wait staff?

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