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The Teacher's Portfolio: Fostering and Documenting Professional Development. Bolton: Anker Publishing Wilcox, Bonita; Tomei, Lawrence. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press Yancey, Kathleen Blake and Weiser, Irwin (eds.) (1997) A great compendium of articles focusing on theory and power (primarity in writing portfolios), pedagogy, teaching and professional development, and technology. It does have a few examples from middle school and high school especially as it relates to using portfolios in classrooms.

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Includes a companion dual-platform CD-ROM geaturing sample student portfolios and reproducible assessment forms.

Kilbane is an Instructor at Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio, USA.

Most research on digital teaching portfolios has focused on teacher candidates' professional development.

For example, several researchers (Barrett, 1999, 2000; Kilbane & Milman, 2003, 2005; Mc Kinney, 1998; Milman, 1999, 2000) contend that the creation of digital teaching portfolios fosters teacher candidates' confidence in their abilities as educators and in their use and application of technology.

Les conclusions suggèrent que les processus concernés par la création de portfolios d’enseignement numérique ont favorisé un réel perfectionnement professionnel et qu’ils constituent un élément déclencheur pour leur perfectionnement professionnel continu.