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Even before the duo's appearance Monday at a wheelchair tennis match, publications such as the and Metro were predicting that an engagement would be announced by the end of the year, with a wedding in 2018."We know she and Harry are in love and likely to get engaged, perhaps with a wedding in the summer," says British PR consultant and royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam.

The signs the Harry/Meghan relationship was serious were already obvious even before this week: Markle was called Harry's "girlfriend" in an official palace press release in November.

This is what happened with Will and Kate, who got privately engaged in Kenya in October 2010 and waited until the following month to announce it.

Granny's wedding anniversary: The right moment probably won't be late November, Smith says, because it's the 70th anniversary of the wedding of the queen, 91, and husband Prince Philip, 96, on Nov.

The queen, the symbolic head of the Church of England who once had to deny her sister Princess Margaret permission to marry a divorced man, has come a long way since the 1950s: Margaret eventually divorced the man she did marry, and three of the queen's four children are divorced.