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In 1584-5 's leadership of the House may have put his sons as firmly in the shade as before; and in the record of the session Anthony figures only as a member of the subsidy committee appointed on 24 Feb after the chancellor of the Exchequer had made one of his speeches on supply.

His embassy to France was Mildmay's one public employment of consequence.

By the time he was ready for Cambridge his father had survived partial eclipse under with an ode when she visited Peterhouse in Aug 1564.

To judge from the date of his entry to Peterhouse, it may have been 1549.

She and her younger sister were supervised and tutored by Mistress Hamblyn, her father's niece, and were educated both in academic studies (reading, writing, arithmetic) and in ‘domestics’ (manners, music, needlework, religion).