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Unfounded accusations were made against Father Mike who was a dedicated Priest loving only Christ and wanting nothing more than to serve everyone as a faithful and celibate Priest.

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He spoke of the need for renewal and the need for our Catholic Christian Faith to be witnessed by all in America today.

He spoke of the need for evil influences in the world to be rejected and the need for all clergy to experience a new Marian Devotion so that all religious orders will "increase your vocations, and achieve a greater striving for saintliness among the servants of God." This is a message everyone present at the Rosa Mystica Shine prayed our Catholic hierarchy in America would heed closely today. Father Mike (as he was known to all) died during the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center September 11th.

The media ignores the wonderful, dedicated and holy efforts of so many of our Priests in America today.

Still all priests in America today need to renew a special Marian Devotion as the Rosa Mystica apparitions urged.

But this road lead to a newly refurbished Marian Shrine whose location was precisely selected by a series of numbers revealed by Our Lady to Mother Elena Leonardi twenty years ago.