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Most artists are still mirroring, or are hypnotised by, Western art.” Coming from an Englishman, this sort of comment may smack of an Orientalist desire to see Chinese art in the way a Westerner imagines it.

But Gormley is simply echoing what many Chinese collectors have expressed privately: that there hasn’t been the explosion of creativity that the country’s enormous social changes should have evoked.

Gormley sees huge potential in contemporary Chinese art shifting global values and hopes his ‘Still Moving’ exhibition is a catalyst for more Chinese artists being given the same kind of attention he receives Life-size models of naked men litter the cavernous front gallery of Shanghai’s Long Museum. Others hang from the ceiling, bound at the ankles, or slump over each other in a heap, reminiscent of a funeral pyre.

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In those two years, interest in genealogy has continued to grow, and consequently many more resources are now available – many of them for Free!

To celebrate the Second Anniversary of this posting, we have added 40 More Absolutely Free Genealogy Resources to the list and updated the reviews on the previous 40 links (which are now numbered 41 – 82).

He is also dismayed by the amount of Western art – such as his own – that is shown in China, which comes at the cost of greater exposure for emerging Chinese artists.

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