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Alexander Solzhenitsyn, then a young captain in the Red Army, described the entry of his regiment into East Prussia in January 1945 as follows: “For three weeks the war had been going on inside Germany, and all of us knew very well that if the girls were German they could be raped and then shot. Regarding the events at Nemmersdorf (and Metgethen) - without questioning the fact that attrocities were committed - there continues to be some controversie about the details and scale of the event, as initially reported by German Army officiers, and the fact that the Goebbles propaganda machine used the occasion to exhort the German population to defend the Fatherland against the Red hordes to their dying breath if they wanted to avoid a similar fate. She specifically mentions having to move bodies after the attack. The Society "Jews in Eastprussia" [Juden in Ostpreussen e.V.] is preparing an exhibition about "The Jews of Königsberg at the turn of the 20th Century“.

I've just discovered that an ancestor was born in Konigsberg in 1929 and I'm having trouble locating her actual birth/baptism records.

She and her parents fled the city to the UK during the 1930's.

It will be displayed at the Museum for Arts and History of Kaliningrad (former Königsberg) at 2360116 Kaliningrad, Klinicheskaya Str.

21, on the 9th of November at 12 am until December 10th, 2017 The exhibition will contain many documents and photos about the Jewish Citizens of Koenigsberg.

Admin: There is no question the Soviet Red Army committed many attrocities during their drive across East Prussia. is there any means to get something about his history back? I'm editing my mother's memoirs, and I'm looking for public domain photos of Konigsberg after it was firebombed.