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Whether it is Science Fiction, or Comic Books, or Cosplay. Here’s the trailer for Geek Love to make your own call.

This is where you’ll see more of the “fake” nerds (we all know who I’m talking about here) the people who just fake it because they want to be on TV.

Dating is hard, whether you’re a Geek or a Jock or a Princess…dating is hard. But I felt insulted, because I’m one of those geeks.

Not one that is actually on the show, but I’m a 26 year old woman who is obsessive with her comic books, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’. One of the first things said in the show is how much being single sucks, and right there I disagree. We live in a society where we put so much emphasis on being in a relationship that it becomes obsessive, where everyone feels this need to be in a relationship or you’ll be lonely forever. It’s exploitative of something that we’re genetically designed to have, which is safety in numbers. I despise that the show’s catchphrase is “Let your geek flag fly” because why should we be hiding it in the first place? I proudly wear my geek shirts and glasses, I’m not afraid to carry around textbooks when I haven’t been in college for years, I just read them because I can. I feel that this show, along with most reality TV shows, take the few extreme cases and exploits them.

From the commercial that has aired, it looks like the first special is taking place at New York Comic Con, in the Speed Dating special they had there. They are exploiting a culture that hides away from society because we already get picked on enough.